Customs Agency Quiroga provides solutions to meet all your import / export requirements, as well as the necessary expertise and knowledge to offer a reliable customs clearance service in all of the diverse areas.

Our agency performs customs clearance of imported and exported goods and provides all the necessary documentation and procedures before and after operations: import, export, and transit clearances, presentation of licences and certificates to official offices, local clearance procedures, transactions by non resident companies, Intrastat, etc.

The representative of Customs Agency Quiroga, Mr. Juan A. Quiroga Lage, has been a Certificated Agent since 1984, and has an excellent rapport with the Customs Offices of La Coruña and Ferrol, as well as with other offices throughout Galicia through our different branches and representatives.

The search for solutions to the problems of our clients, their satisfaction and loyalty, is the fundamental to our work.

The results achieved until present testify to our efficiency and have enhanced the quality of our services.

In the complex world of business globalization, our Agency constantly stays abreast of all developments and changes, providing our clients with the most accurate up-to-date information service. This is a result of our policy of efficiency and on-going training of our personnel.



Avenida del Ejército 10, 1º. 15006 La Coruña. España
Tel. 981 170 000 ext.2 -  Fax 981 294 228


Nuestra empresa ha sido beneficiada del FSE, cuyo objetivo es promover la sostenibilidad y la calidad del empleo, y gracias al que ha procedido a la contratación de jóvenes beneficiarios del Sistema Nacional de Garantía Juvenil, apoyando la reducción de la tasa de desempleo juvenil en España a través del Fomento de la Contratación. Para ello ha contado con el apoyo del "Plan de Capacitación - PICE" de la Cámara de Comercio de A Coruña.

Programa Integral de Cualificación y Empleo

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Avda. del Ejército 10, 1º A | 15006 A Coruña (Spain) | Tlf. 0034 981 17 00 00 |

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