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Our goal is to provide the best possible shipping agency services 24 hours a day throughout the year.


Our solid training and experience guarantee the highest efficiency in solving problems, as well as providing effective assistance to the vessel and its crew.


Our qualified staff ensures excellence in services and communication, which has been highly appreciated by Masters in their evaluation documents: “Agent Quality Service Evaluation”.


Services provided to vessels anchored at bay, especially in Ares and Corcubion bays, confirm and corroborate our Know How. The proximity of our support installations ensures rapid repair operations, crew changes, supply of provisions and other services with maximum efficiency and minimum response time.














The Port of La Coruña



The port is a general services port where crude and oil –based product traffic predominate in the Repsol terminal. The port also attracts significant traffic related to the food and agriculture, iron and steel, forestry, coal, container, windfarm and tourist cruiseship sectors.

FINISTERRE – Shipping Agency, S.A. is particularly active in the first two sectors in consignment and customs clearance.


The Port of Ferrol



A general services port with substantial traffic related to its industry. It has four clearly defined port areas with varied traffic:
−    Shipbuilding
−    Mugardos terminal for natural gas and chemical products
−    The inner port for general merchandise
−    The outer port for bulk cargo, biofuel and containers

Finisterrre Shipping agency is actively involved in the first two activities.


The Port of San Ciprián



San Ciprian port, operating through administrative concession, services the factory of Alúmina-Aluminio (ALCOA group) and so deals only with merchandise related to the company.

Finisterre shipping agency regularly assists submergibles in the traffic of fuel-oil, industrial soda,calcined alumina and has acted ,on numerous occasions, as the "protective agent" for ships carrying bauxite.


The Port of Cee



Port installations have, recently, been established here and it is used mainly by the FERROATLANTICA company for its activities in the production of ferro-alloys for which it receives shipments of manganese, coal, coke and waste products and exports ferro-silicon and ferromanganese. The port, which has regional authorisation, has three moorings: the first is 120 metres in length with a 6 metre draft; the second is 100 m in length with an eight metre draft; the recently inaugurated mooring is 300 metres in length with a draft of 8-11 metres. The geographical situation of Cee offers many advantages as a safe harbour for provisions, crew changes and ship repairs.



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